Cross Tattoo Designs – Popular For Both Christians and Non-Christians

The Cross is one of the oldest symbolic figures present in today’s generation. But what’s the real meaning of the cross? According to the book of Christians, the cross is where Jesus Christ died crucified and died. Many people believe that cross symbolizes death. However, according to Christians, cross has a deeper meaning and that is the “love of god”.If you think crosses were only seen on religious institutions, you’re definitely mistaken. In the modern age, cross is also available as tattoos. These are seen in several parlors by through cross tattoo designs.

Getting a tattoo can be painful. Yet, more and more people are still deciding to get inked despite of the cons. But aside from the pain that you’ll feel during tattoo session, choosing you own design is another difficulty that you may encounter. Cross tattoo designs are available in many different variations. Only then, it’s hard to get unique designs. But why is that so? It’s because they have trademarks. Meaning, there are people who owned these designs. They’re posted in some magazines as well as on the internet to serve as guides to tattoo fanatics.

Latin cross

Among cross tattoo designs, Latin cross is said to be the most popular design. This is the standard cross used by Christians. Latin cross comprises a simple vertical line intersected with the small line. When it comes to design, it can be compared to an ordinary wood cross. Although, you can choose your own design, you choose Latin cross tattoo. All you need to do if to customize the design and add several figures.

Cross of Triumph

Another one is option is the Cross of Triumph. This is just similar to Latin cross. Only that, there is a large circle that surrounds in the cross of Triumph design. You may ask what does this figure symbolizes. Well, there’s no other than “universal success”

Cross designs for non-Christians

You may think that only Christians can get cross designs. However, there are also designs available to non-Christians. These include Greek crosses that showcased equilateral crosses and symbolize “sky”.

Chinese cross designs are also popular in several countries, especially in China, Korea and Japan. These are designs related to Chinese ideogram, which symbolizes “earth” these design is also accepted and until now used in Egypt.

In conclusion, cross tattoo designs are not just for Christians. In fact, even non-Christians can enjoy it. Aside from the designs mentioned above, there are many other designs available. You can find some of them by doing your own research on the internet. Or maybe you can visit a tattoo parlor in your place. After all, must make sure about the design when getting a tattoo. You should bear in mind that getting a tattoo is a lifetime responsibility and you should have the willingness to carry it.